Export of products

Export of products

JSC “Permitas” provides product export and distribution facilities throughout the world.


To provide customers with the opportunity to expand and increase their production volumes and sales in foreign markets

Our objectives are

  • To provide customers with professional services.
  • To successfully develop brands.
  • To responsibly and expeditiously implement our tasks.
  • To improve continuously, to broaden our expertise and increase professionalism.
  • To seek co-operation, mutual understanding, and respect.
  • To address our client’s business as our own and to seek the most efficient and reach the best results.

JSC “Permitas”, in cooperation with various party vendors and importers, carry out integrated marketing strategies adapted to each market and product separately.


  • Are active, bold offer suggestions, and participate in their implementation.
  • Quickly and accurately respond to changes in the market, constantly look for effective solutions and new opportunities.
  • Are loyal to our customers.
  • Organize our activities based on ethical and responsible business principles.
  • Are engaged in product export development based on clearly structured strategy.


  • Export of products
  • Creation of development strategies
  • Implementation
  • Advising


JSC “Permitas” customers are our partners

Partner product exports are performed after the preparation of:

  • Audit of export opportunities: Analysis of the current company’s situation for attaining the potential of the company’s export potential. The evaluation of the company’s existing strategy, processes, competencies, capacity analysis of existing products.
  • Export strategy development: In collaboration with the company’s management as well as executives responsible for exports in the company, we conduct an export development session, prepare an export strategy, and export plan by extracting the priority markets and developing action plans.
  • Foreign markets survey: We undertake a preliminary list of existing and potential markets to prepare the attractiveness rating. The aim is to single out the most important export market attractiveness indicators for specific products. Based on the selection of the market attractiveness indicators, a review-based survey is carried out, during which information on target export areas and specific markets is collected by choosing the region and specific export market, where it is intended to develop exports.
  • Export Development Plan: Short-term concrete action plan (usually can be established for a 12-36 months period), with appropriate measures and actions according to the target markets, necessary for the implementation of export development activities.

JSC “Permitas” participates in exhibitions and other events, presenting our represented companies to the widest range of foreign consumers.